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Karma Lingo formed in the fall of 1995 from performers who met through the Atlanta theater community. Using classic rock as a foundation, KL's members all contributed material from a multitude of styles, emulating the diverse approach that all of rock's greatest bands have always displayed, from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin. Twelve different musicians have been members of Karma Lingo over the years, but they've all shared a strong background in acting and theater, all have sung and written music, and all have played multiple instruments. KL was quite active in the early years of the millennium, recording two CD's (Breath of God in 1999 and Seven in 2002) and reaching the pinnacle of their live performances by opening for Kansas with an a cappella rendition of the National Anthem at Atlanta's Centennial Park in front of 80,000 people. Karma Lingo officially disbanded in 2004, but a slowly renewing interest in the group finally produced a new line up at the end of 2008. And here we go...

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